The 5th edition of Bison Ultra 2024 will be held on 4-Feb-2024, Sunday. Registration is open now!

4th Edition

Bison Ultra | 4 Feb, 2024 | SUN


We are super excited to make this announcement that the following 24 runners who finished OOTYULTRA 2022 (90k & 60) automatically qualify to run the 90k distance in the 6th edition of OOTYULTRA 2023. Follow the link below to more about OOTYULTRA 90k & the qualification requirements

All 90k finishers

Name90k finish time
Velu P10:48:31
Preeti Lala11:38:27
Vijayan Pillai11:52:55

60k finishers within 8:15 hrs

Name60k Finish time
Vijay Kumar Singh6:14:58
Dhruv Trivedi6:37:33
Manikandan M6:56:01
Ganesh Kumar6:58:02
Jay Moodley7:09:49
Satyashil Pradhan7:18:15
Mahesh M7:19:47
Dharmendra Dilip Kumar7:21:38
Deepu S Nair7:33:40
Bijender Singh7:33:41
Yuvaraj Patil7:39:33
Tor Andreas Andersen7:40:13
Georgy Cherian7:43:51
Heera Singh7:50:22
Satish Chandra7:50:23
Kailash Jain8:07:28
Ramesh Rao8:10:33
Rajesh Mohan8:12:40
Rajesh Duraiswamy8:13:03
Suresh Kumar Dathu8:13:16
Chayan Bhalla8:13:39