The 6th edition of Bison Ultra 2024 will be held on Sunday, June 9th, 2024. It will feature 60k, 32k, 45k, and 15k distance categories with ITRA points!

6th Edition

Bison Ultra | 9 Jun, 2024 | SUN
60k | 45k | 32k | 15k


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The sixth edition of Bison Ultra 2024  is scheduled on 9-Jun-2024, Sun

Frequently Asked Questions

The 6th edition is scheduled on 9-Jun-2024, Sunday, 6.00 am for all Race Categories.

The 6th edition is scheduled on 9-Jun-2024, Sunday

Yes, Bison Ultra is an ITRA member & the Bison Ultra course is ITRA certified

  • Bison Ultra 60k: ITRA 2 
  • Bison Ultra 45k: ITRA 1 
  • Bison Ultra 32k: ITRA 0
  • Bison Ultra 15k: ITRA 0

If you have your ITRA ID, include it during registration. You can also email us to add it to your results for publication on the ITRA website.

Link to ITRA Website

  • The first five editions were executed with an average of 44 runners, primarily focusing on providing the most memorable experience for nature-loving trail runners.  
  • Bison Ultra 2024 will be limited to ~150 runners only.
  • You will get the best attention from the organizing team and the volunteers. Don’t you agree that sometimes small is more beautiful?
  • Get access to the most mesmerising private coffee estates, otherwise inaccessible to many, home to some of India’s finest coffee, fruits, and spices.
  • You will be running through some of the greenest sections in the world and surrounded by various shades of nature. You can have a lonely tryst with the birds & the animal kingdom and find many quiet moments to meditate and rejuvenate your soul.
  • The running terrain is located at an elevation of 3600-4600 feet, and the ultra-distance (up to 50k) runners will experience climbing up and down over approximately 1000 meters. Every direction you take will ensure you are constantly challenged. Take a break at regular intervals to admire the breathtaking scenery. Hey, remember! There is a cut-off rule for getting the personalised medal.
  • You and the rest of the Bison Ultra runners will stay at Last Shola Cottages, Heavens Ledge Luxury Tent Campsite in Tents. Thousands of trees and plants surround these locations. It will be a grand opportunity for you to strike up a friendship, have a loud laugh, and engage in the most favourite runner-boasting conversations about your marathon achievements and travel experiences or much more than that.
  • The combination of chilly mornings and a warm and humid daytime makes the trail ultra more challenging for the first-timer.
  • Bison Ultra is brought to you by Coach Kay (learn more), a seasoned ultrarunner, high-performance endurance coach at the KaysFIT Academy, the founder and the race director, and the founder & race director of the OOTYULTRA (7th edition is scheduled on the 6-Apr-2025, Sunday.. learn more)
  • And much more…

Bison Ultra 2024 (Jun edition onward) will have 60k, 45k, 32k and 15k distances. 

IMPORTANT WARNING: The trail distances are approximate because of the GPS device inaccuracies.  We strongly advise all runners to plan to run an additional 1-2 km, as shown by your GPS watches, to factor in those inaccuracies.   Kindly note the cut-off time is calculated based on the difficulty of the course and the GPS inaccuracies

DistanceElevation Gain (m)Elevation Loss (m)Time Cut offAdditional Cut-Off
Bison Ultra 60k1907192610:00:008:30 hr @ 50k
Bison Ultra 45k180018148:30:006:30 hr @ 34.5k
Bison Ultra 32k119212056:30:00 
Bison Ultra 15k6206345:00:00 

The past editions had 50k & 25k 

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the registration fees.

  • The registration fee guarantees your participation in the race if you meet the qualification requirements (15k doesn’t have a minimum qualification)
  • Bison Ultra finishers will get a finisher medal within the cut-off time set (all 15k finishers will receive the custom finisher medal)
  • All runners will get an event Souvenir T-shirt.
  • Event day photos will be shared with you through our photo aggregation partner, OneGlint, at an additional cost of Rs. 199/- for downloading all your photos one week after the race.
  • If you are not staying at the Last Shola or Heavens Ledge Luxury Tents, you may have to pay an additional entry fee (visit the accommodation page)

Place of stay

  • The Last Shola and Heavens Ledge are highly-rated properties in the Gowri Estates where Bison Ultra is organized.
  • The Last Shola Cottages (The Bison Ultra start point is located closer to Last Shola)
  • The Heavens Ledge Luxury Campsite Tents (Also the Bison Ultra #ultramalaivasi Expo & Finish point venue, ~1.0 km from the Start).  Race day post-run breakfast and lunch will be served here

See the Accommodation Options section below to learn about your check-in and check-out times.

The best way to arrive at the event venue will be by your personal vehicle.

There are limited government & private buses available.

  • Tamil Nadu State Government operated buses:
    • 7.45 am Yercaud Nagalur, Semmanatham (Srinivasa Resorts is nearby), orange bus stand (walk to Last Shola ~3 km)
    • 11.45 am @Salem… Yercaud, Nagalur, Semmanatham, Orange bus stand
    • 3.00 pm from Salem to Sengalaththupadi via Last Shola, arriving at 5.00 pm
    • 5.10-5.10 @ Last Shola, Yercaud to Salem
  • Private bus
    • Salem MSNV (Muthu): 3.00 pm @ Salem, 4.30 Yercaud, 5.00 Semmanatham (last stop) 5.15 pm return
  • Taxi or Auto
    • from Yercaud to Last Shola or Srinivasa Resorts Rs. 500-1000 approx.
    • from Salem Railway Station or bus station: please write to to learn more.

* The information published is only for reference; details may vary depending on the transport services provider’s schedule.

Day : Saturday (pre-race day)

The Bison Ultra expo will be a casual gathering of all runners and will be held at the Heavens Ledge.  

4.00 to 5.00 pm: BIB Distribution

5.00 pm to 6.15 pm: Evening tea/coffee followed by race briefing delivered by Coach Kay, the founder/race director of Bison Ultra. 

This is a MANDATORY session for all runners and will have much information about the race, any last-minute route-related changes, and safety announcements.

If you are a 30k or 15k runner: 

  • On Saturday: Lunch, Evening Tea & Dinner (served at Last Shola Cottage)
  • On Sunday: Breakfast @ the Finish (served at Heavens Ledge)

If you are a 60k or 45k runner

  • On Saturday: Evening Tea and dinner  (served at Last Shola Cottage)
  • On Sunday: A light breakfast ~ 25-30k, Lunch @ Finish  (served at Heavens Ledge)

You must comply with the accommodation rules to use the above food arrangements.  

You can bring your family members.

Please write to for further information.

Cut-off time

  • 60k: 10 hours
  • 45k: 8.30 hours
  • 30k: 6.30 hours
  • 15k: no cut-off

No finisher medal will be awarded for those finishing outside the cut-off time.

60k & 45k Qualification (one of the below):

  • Completed OOTYULTRA 2024 60k
  • Completed 50k Bison Ultra 2024
  • Completed any other ultramarathon after 1 Oct 2023
  • Completed any full marathon (within 5 hrs 50 mins) after 1 Oct 2023 and 10 May 2024

32k Qualification (One of the below) 

  • Completed OOTYULTRA 2024 (90k, 60k, 30k) or any other ultramarathon after 1 Oct 2023
  • Completed Bison Ultra 2024 (50k or 25k)
  • Completed any full marathon or any Half Marathon within 3 hrs after 1 Oct 2023 and 10 May 2024

To learn more… visit event rules, terms, and conditions.

Follow our Facebook & Instagram pages

You will automatically be added to the event WhatsApp group after your registration.

Once you book the ticket, you will have the option to join the private WhatsApp group to stay connected with all the other runners

You can email with the subject line “Bison Ultra – query”.

Accommodation Options

  • Bison Ultra runners can book accommodation at the Last Shola Cottages or the Heavens Ledge Luxury Tents Campsite (highly rated)
  • Limited accommodation slots are available and will be allotted first-come-first.
  • The estate owners decide the accommodation + food or the entry fee to their estates, and the Bison Ultra organising crew or anyone from KaysFIT Academy does not interfere in their booking process.
  • All runners must comply with the resort rules, safety guidelines, booking terms, and conditions.
  • Accommodation bookings will start on October 4, 2023.
  • Visit the accommodation page to learn more.

Bison Ultra Registration fees

Category –>60k (ITRA 2)45k (ITRA 1)32k (ITRA 0)15k (ITRA 0)
Entry ticket price (INR)5500450038002600
Receive a 10% early bird discount, valid until 15-Mar-2024 (INR)4950405034202340
* All runners will receive a CUSTOM finisher medal (must finish the race within the cut-off time – see event rules)
* An additional estate access fee of INR 500/- must be paid as an add-on while booking your entry ticket if you are not staying either at Last Shola or Heavens Ledge
* Group registration is available for five members or more. You will receive 5% off during the early bird offer and 10% off after that
*18% GST extra + applicable card & platform charges.

Before registration..

  • Your Bison Ultra entry ticket is non-refundable.  You are allowed to transfer to another runner identified by you before 10-May-2024
  • Do not register if you are not clear about the event rules.  We encourage you to email to clarify doubts before buying your entry ticket. 
  • Read and understand the Bison Ultra event terms and conditions and accommodation rules here
  • Please write to if you want to make direct bank transfers or have any queries regarding group registrations.