The 6th edition of Bison Ultra 2024 will be held on Sunday, June 9th, 2024. It will feature 60k, 32k, 45k, and 15k distance categories with ITRA points!

6th Edition

Bison Ultra | 9 Jun, 2024 | SUN
60k | 45k | 32k | 15k


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Age is just a number for Govindarajan Krishnan who lost a whopping 18 kgs in a year’s time with pure dedication and hard work. As he turns 60 next year, let us share with you his inspiring transformation journey.

The year was 2012. Govind’s life was about two things: too much work and too much binge eating. He was 80kgs. He was on the edge and decided to take control of his health and his life.

Govindarajan Krishnan 1 year transformation

All he wanted to do at the start was to lose weight. Little did he know what started as a mere weight loss journey with walking would turn into a lifelong passion and commitment to running.

He started slowly jogging afterward. Within weeks he had progressed to running 1k. The exhilaration he felt after his run motivated him to run religiously every day. And in mere three months, he had completed 15k.In Oct 2012 he completed his first half marathon organized by CTC followed by his first full marathon in Dec 2012. A good set of running friends and groups helped him continue his running journeyFast forward to the year 2020. Today, he has run in over 275 events– 10k, Half marathons, Full Marathons, and Ultra Marathons. He has participated in all the major marathons in India and has done the 4 world Majors – Boston, New York, Chicago, and London!

His achievements did not stop there as he decided to share his love for running and help others around him. He has been a Pacer in many events and takes absolute pleasure in making people cross the finish line. He says, “the glee in their eyes is so priceless that you want to keep it going.”Pandemic led to a setback to his running. There was a gap and the bad eating habits started kicking in. But he has fought all of this and is back to his running game. We are so happy to have Govind run the 2021 OOTYULTRA 90k virtually. We wish him all the best for his race day and can’t wait for him to rejoice as he crosses the finish line.

He is a true #ultramalaivasi . We hope his story makes you realize that is never too late to start and inspires you to commit to your goals.

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