The 6th edition of Bison Ultra 2024 will be held on Sunday, June 9th, 2024. It will feature 60k, 32k, 45k, and 15k distance categories with ITRA points!

6th Edition

Bison Ultra | 9 Jun, 2024 | SUN
60k | 45k | 32k | 15k


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The Finish Time was recorded manually, and any request to review or update minor time changes based on your GPS watch will not be entertained.

All other disputes or issues must be reported to the Bison Ultra Race Director by writing an email ( along with supporting evidence before 14-Sep-2023.  At midnight (on the 14th), the results will be frozen along with category positions.

Race Start: 6.00:00 am

Modified Cut-off times: 50k, 9 hours | 25k, 6 hours

Bison Ultra 2023 – 50k

DistanceBIB NumberNameGenderFinish time
50kF-038Mohammed Nisar VMale06:44:36
50kF-037Mohammed ShabeerMale06:46:32
50kF-001Ponniselvan KMale07:18:27
50kF-033Hanumanth BhankurMale07:20:08
50kF-059Sumit ChadhaMale07:48:04
50kF-058Varun Kumar PMale08:11:30
50kF-007Udaya ShankarMale08:11:55
50kF-057Trupti Katkar ChavanFemale08:14:05
50kF-012Suthagar SamikkannuMale08:17:00
50kF-029Kaushik SarkarMale08:20:12
50kF-010Noushad BabuMale08:45:10
50kF-040Jaisingh JayakarMale08:53:08
50kF-018Anant KansalMale08:54:40
50kF-005Pradeep PantMale08:55:02
50kF-002Suresh VMaleDNF
50kF-008Laxmikant KrishnaMaleDNF
50kF-004Meyappan SundarajuluMaleDNF
50kF-003Suresh ReddyMaleDNF
50kF-009Santhosh KuriackoseMaleDNS

Bison Ultra 2023 – 25k

DistanceBIB NumberNameGenderFinish time
25kT-017Naveen Manikandan PMale02:59:59
25kT-036Harsh Jain AshokMale03:04:09
25kT-011Unnikrishnan PMale03:19:00
25kT-045Magesh RajanMale03:22:00
25kT-052Jayakumar A SMale03:22:20
25kT-056Ashwath VaerkarMale03:23:32
25kT-031Pradeep PallegarMale03:26:52
25kT-054Savitha ShettyFemale03:36:22
25kT-025Bharani MathesanMale03:36:32
25kT-014Kalaimani VavasiMale03:39:00
25kT-042Ashok BMale03:39:40
25kT-041Rakshpal SinghMale03:40:00
25kT-032Sanjay SinghMale03:42:50
25kT-022Nagendra RMale03:52:10
25kT-039Johny AbrahamMale03:58:42
25kT-055Vachan H UMale03:59:02
25kT-051Srinidhi M PMale04:01:02
25kT-015Krishnan ChinnappanMale04:07:03
25kT-024Ashok RajaMale04:24:24
25kT-043Ajit Kumar SubudhiMale04:30:20
25kT-030Kailash ChanderMale04:41:02
25kT-044Prabu PMale04:41:14
25kT-021Suraj PaiMale04:42:07
25kT-053Navya ShankarFemale05:39:00
25kT-046Sukanya RFemale05:41:00
25kT-049Vinod JainMale06:01:58
25kT-006Chandan G DMaleDNS
25kT-013Srihari BalakrishnanMaleDNS
25kT-019Tejas PatilMaleDNS
25kT-028Suresh Kumar PodaranMaleDNS
25kT-047Gouthamchand JangraMaleDNS
25kT-060Sanjay SinghMaleDNS
25kT-034Jitesh LachhwaniMaleDNS