The 6th edition of Bison Ultra 2024 will be held on Sunday, June 9th, 2024. It will feature 60k, 32k, 45k, and 15k distance categories with ITRA points!

6th Edition

Bison Ultra | 9 Jun, 2024 | SUN
60k | 45k | 32k | 15k


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The cut-off time to finish the 60k is 10 hr 30 min to finish and 5 hr 30 mins at 30k.  There is no cut-off at the 15k for the 60k runners.

  • A minimum of one timed Full Marathon distance (42.2 km) completed after 1-Aug within 5 hr 50 min and the timing record MUST be submitted.  Only for the Ootyultra 2022 edition we will accept virtual run records – you must submit the GPS data recorded during the run.
  • Alternatively, you can submit your Ultramarathon race, any distance run above 50km, as a qualification and must be completed after 1-Aug. You must have officially completed the 50k run within the cut-off time specified by the race organizer.
  • Your qualification full marathon will not be accepted if the time is not within 5 hr 50 min.

All your qualification races must have been run after 1-Aug. If you decide to run your qualification race after registering for the OOTYULTRA, you are allowed to submit the qualification race records on or before 10-Mar. We strongly recommend you send us the qualification race information as soon as possible and avoid the automatic downgrading of your category to 30k.

IMPORTANT –> Your registration will not be confirmed if your timing qualifications do not meet the standards. No refund will be provided if you do not qualify. All the participants must be fit, healthy, and must be running regularly.

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