Bison Ultra 2023 is postponed to 10-Sep-2023, Sunday. Write to for group registrations and any queries.

4th Edition

Bison Ultra | 10 Sep, 2023 | SUN


58 years old, Mysuru based Ajit Thandur is a multi-faceted fitness enthusiast who has been into endurance running since 2008.

A Property Developer by profession, Ajit was always into some aspect of fitness by regularly swimming, hitting the gym and doing short 5K runs. The running bug hit him after he completed his first 21K at the Midnight Marathon event in Bangalore in 2008. From then it was quickly onto more half marathons and full marathons. In 2016 he ran his first Ultra, a 50K run from Mandya To Mysuru. He followed this up shortly with a 12-hour stadium run at Bangalore where he covered 82 km.

Ajit is an ex-triathlete who had to stop bicycling following an accident a few years ago. He still swims regularly putting in around 5Km every week in addition to his normal running schedule.

Ajit is a minimalist runner relying primarily on Vibrams and running barefoot when in a stadium. He follows a low carb – high-fat nutrition pattern which he says has worked very well for him. In addition, he has also been following Dr Phil Maffetone’s 180 Formula training system for around three years now.

Ajit is the founder of the Mysoorunners – an umbrella running group that encourages running and a healthy lifestyle to Mysurians. Ajit is the organizer of Tri Thonnur (triathlon event in its 7th edition this year), Thonnur Swimathon (3rd edition this year) and the Chamundi Hill Challenge (a running event in its 4th edition this year).

Ajit continues to inspire many of us and will be running the 60K at the Ooty Ultra. We’d like to wish him all the best on this run and in his future endeavours.

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