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4th Edition

Bison Ultra | 4 Jun, 2023 | SUN



Sathishkumar R

I’m incredibly thrilled to introduce our second 90k runner of GavaTeaOotyultra 2020, Sathish Kumar, popularly known as Deca Sathish. OOTYULTRA 2020 will feature a brand new 90k category with ~3800 m elevation gain and ~3620 m elevation drop and comes with a 12 hr cut-off time. Deca Sathish is from Chennai and is a Team …

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Georgy Cherian OOTYULTRA – first 90k runner

I’m extremely thrilled to introduce the first-ever OOTYULTRA 2020 90k runner, Georgy Cherian, from Soles Of Cochin (Cochin Runners). Georgy Cherian is an accomplished #ultramalaivasi and not new to OOTYULTRA. He has already completed the 60k distance in 2019 with an impressive improvement of over 26 mins from his 2018 OOTYULTRA.2018 60k: 7:29:452019 60k: 7:03:34 …

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Anushnath Ravichandran

Coimbatore based Anushnath Ravichandran’s fitness journey began as recently as 2015. An architect-urban manager by profession, Anushnath combines his passion for endurance running with an avid interest in mountaineering. A keen outdoor enthusiast, he also happens to enjoy trekking and cycling in the hills. He recently completed a multicity 100-day running challenge that was culminated …

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Sandeep Kumar

OOTYULTRA is proud to have Sandeep Kumar, an exceptionally talented ultramarathon runner & also the fastest Indian to have finished the Comrades Marathon in South Africa with a finish time of 7:30:17 He is a multi-skilled star personality, an inspiring athlete, an engineer by profession, a running coach & a motivational speaker. Sandeep is endorsed …

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Seetaram PK

We asked Pk Seetaram, “What were you thinking at this moment when this picture was clicked?”. His response was beautiful. “I am generally a lone trainer/runner and prefer it that way. My thoughts were, an immense sense of pride & satisfaction to have gathered the guts to attempt the 60K at Ooty and being part …

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