Bison Ultra 2023 is postponed to 10-Sep-2023, Sunday. Write to for group registrations and any queries.

4th Edition

Bison Ultra | 10 Sep, 2023 | SUN


We asked Pk Seetaram, “What were you thinking at this moment when this picture was clicked?”. His response was beautiful.

“I am generally a lone trainer/runner and prefer it that way.

My thoughts were, an immense sense of pride & satisfaction to have gathered the guts to attempt the 60K at Ooty and being part of the gang of some of the most elite runners.

“Focus” on the long way ahead supported by my confidence on the hard & planned training done, so as to stick to the Run Plan to the extent possible.

A little smile in retrospection as to ‘What’s happened to me’. Running today on the same roads on which self & wife with our little one drove a Number of times during our year-long tenure at Coonoor exactly a decade ago!

Well, this is just the beginning of the Ultra journey and of course how true is the saying that I read somewhere ‘Ultrarunning is relishing every bit of nature around, savouring some great food, and of course ….. Running in between all this'”

60k | 30k | 15k

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