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4th Edition

Bison Ultra | 4 Feb, 2024 | SUN


“Running is my Passion, I run every race with my heart💜 and Smile ☺,” says Sharan Mahagonkar

Sharan is a pleased barefoot/minimalist runner carrying around the Indian Flag with a lot of pride whenever he runs. He is always seen to be happy and smiling. He ran the 1st edition of the #ootyultra and is a true #ultramalaivasi now. We caught up with him recently.

Q: Why do you carry the Indian Flag?

Sharan: My nation is my pride. We are just Indians and nothing more when we walk about our homes. “No specific caste or creed”. To spread such a message nothing better than carrying our national Flag 🇮🇳 wherever I go running. Our National Flag is not just something that portrays patriotism. It is an emblem of courage, a zeal in a passionate citizen. Our National Flag keeps me motivated whenever my bare feet hit the ground passionately every time I carry it while it flutters high in the air 🇮🇳🇮🇳

Q. The secret behind your happiness/smile?

Sharan: I believe in “more u smile less u worry”. So smile is the simplest form of bonding and can create a vibe of happiness, joy, and well-being; I am happy while I run because this is what I love to do, and this is what I am meant to do.

Q. Who is Sharan?

Ans: I’m a barefoot Indian Flag runner who works with Ocwen Financial Services Pvt Ltd.,

I’ve completed the following event,s

  • Ladakh half marathon 2018 in 2hrs: 28mins with Indian 🇮🇳 Flag & Barefoot & only Barefoot Bangalore Runner.
  • Full marathon: SPBM 5:13 hrs.
  • Hyderabad Half marathon personal best 2:18: hrs, with Indian 🇮🇳 Flag (20 official half Marathon of this year)
  • Ooty Ultra 30k
  • Hennur Bamboo Forest 30k
  • Chennai Marathon
  • DRHM: 2hrs 20mins with Indian Flag & Barefoot.

Q. How was your OOTYULTRA experience?

A well-organized event where even the most minor things were taken care of during the course; the aid stations were well-stocked and supported by volunteers. Every runner was given personal care. The strict cut-off time motivated me to finish and earn the beautifully customized Medal 🏅with my name personally laser cut.

OOTYULTRA is the best Ultra Run for 2018 in that I have participated & I would love to go for this beautiful event every year. I enjoyed every moment of the Run.

Do you want to test yourself? Run the OOTYULTRA

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